Web Version of Android Market Gets Updated

Google [GOOG] has updated the web version of the Android Market to include a few new handy features. The first, pictured below, allows you to filter app reviews based on devices that are connected to your account. This will let you more easily spot if a particular app has a bug for your particular device.

Another addition includes the ability to filter user reviews by app version although this only separates the latest from ALL. Also, you can filter based on star rating. An example here would be that you could pull up all the 1 star reviews and check to see if the bad reviews have any substance to them.

Combining filters is also possible in the Android market. This would include being specific on the phone, version and the rating of the app.

Although the updates are not ground-breaking by any means, it’s still extremely handy to filter out the noise and specify star ratings, handset and versions of apps.


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