Vopium VoIP Apple iPhone App Enabled 3G VoIP Calling

Vopium have updated their iPhone application to version 1.6 that now allows VoIP calls to be routed over 3G connections on the Apple iPhone.

As well as being able to make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi and 3G networks, the software also allows IM contact with users of Skype, GTalk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ.

Currently the app is for iPhone only although they do say an iPad app is pending approval at the app store and if approved will be ready for download soon. The iPad version of Vopium works on either Wi-fi or 3G connections and allows VoIP calls, SMS and IM messages to be sent.

Several calling packages are available with international calls starting at ‚¬0.01. The downside is that some of the reviews aren’t very forgiving with some giving 1 star citing the application keeps crashing and VoIP calls are not working. However, the reviews are mixed across several versions.

The application it’s self is free and does come with some free calling time so you can test the network yourself. It is available now for the iPhone in the iTunes store.


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