Vonage Visual Mail and Vonage World Launching

vonage-logoVonage, the VoIP company, are updating their services for those customer paying for the $24.99/month plan. The first new feature called Vonage World will allow unlimited calls across the world to over 60 countries. This will cover about 4.5 billion people (2/3 of the population). Previously unlimited calls were allowed just for the US, Canada and 5 other European countries. Bumping that up to over 60 is a fantastic move.

Michael said, “That’s really 60 whole countries, unlike some competitors who offer specific destinations or cities within a country. When we say it’s a country that is included for unlimited we mean every place within the borders of that country. These countries represent nearly two-thirds of the world’s population.”

The next new service is called Vonage Visual Mail and this is a service that converts your voicemail in to text and then gives the user options to receive voicemail by text or email. This service has been available to users for about a year now but it previously worked on a pay-per-user basis. The system uses Nuance for converting speech to text which is a well known product with good accuracy.

Customers who are currently on the $24.99/month plan need to call Vonage to have their account switched to the new one. New clients will automatically get the new services mentioned.

For a full list of countries that free calls can be made to check out TMCnet.

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