Vonage Mobile Facebook App Lets you Call Friends on Facebook

Vonage has launched a new iOS and Android OS based app that integrates with Facebook allowing calls to be made between friends who use the service.

When launching the app you need to log in to your Facebook account within the app and once done, you get a list of friends who are also using the Vonage app. If they are active in the system you can place a VoIP call to them by just tapping on their name.

The apps make use of either 3G or WiFi, depending on what is available, and is free to use. If a user doesn’t have Vonage for iPhone or Android installed on their smartphone, you are presented with an option to send them an instant message instead.

The video below explains a little more in details how the app works. The downside of it right now is that until the service gains popularity, you might be waiting a while for friends to load the app up.

Via: Gizmodo

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