I recently moved home and decided rather then paying £10/Month for the phone line I would pay £7.99/Month for Vonage so I could use VOIP. With this offer I get unlimited calls to landlines, cheap international calls and cheap calls to mobiles. With Telewest (my internet provider) I would have to pay extra on top of the £10/Month to get cheap calls to the US and free calls in the UK. I estimate £5 – £10 savings per month which is not bad!

I must admit, I am impressed with the service offered by Vonage. I ordered Monday night a couple of weeks back and the equipment was delivered Wednesday (just 2 days later… well 1 if you dont count Monday with me ordering after close of business). I received a new router (the Motorola VT2442), connected it and it fired up right away. It seems like the Vonage service just needs the MAC address of the new router and ties it to your account/number. No matter which internet connection I plug the adapter in to I can receive calls on my new UK landline number. Fantastic!

Calls so far have been clear and reliable. I decided to use cordless phones from Philips and connect them to the phone adapter. No problems there either. Some report problems with wi-fi using the same frequencies but I have not had that problem with my wifi network and cordless phones. It would be worth checking out to see if your phone is compatible though if you use wi-fi.

My overall rating… 5 *’s 🙂

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