Volkswagen Beetle Computer Case

volkswagen-beetle-pc-case-modA lot of PC’s look boring and this is why someone has created the Volkswagen Beetle Computer Case. It was custom built from the ground up and it’s creator has managed to squeeze the whole PC inside the body of the car. It is made of transparent plastic in the inside.

The front bumper is the home of the CD ROM which slides out when needed. The rear bumper houses various other ports that include USB as well as audio/video type stuff.

Looking at the pics it seems to have been built in 2002 unless the date on the camera is set wrong, so I’m not sure why I haven’t seen this before.

The beetle is designed to look like the more modern beetle although I personally think the old classic beetle would have looked far better. Check out more pictures below of this great case.





Via: Walyou


  1. spy gadgets says

    I liked the gadgets of this site.

  2. Matthew vandenbelt says

    hey nice car where did you get the shell from because i really like it and would like to build a custom 1900’s beetle, but i can’t find any shells. thanks .

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