Voice Controlled RC Helicopter

For those who are lazy a unique RC Helicopter has been made that works by speaking to it. If you want it to go higher you say “higher”, lower you say “lower”… you get the idea.

It is built by Nikko and is called the Voice Controlled Voice-Heli and although it is voice controlled it still comes provided with a traditional RC unit allowing you to fly it with a controller rather than voice.

Sensors are built in to the helicopter that can sense the ceiling and if detected the helicopter will stop raising rather than you having to panic.

Pricing or dates for launch are unknown at the moment although we expect it isn’t too far away from launch now. Via: OhGizmo


  1. I’ve never thought about this before, nice post!

  2. wrchelicopter says

    very interesting way to control the helicopter would have to see if it really is practical given the instructions by voice

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