Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Launches

Vodafone has launched a new Wireless Mobile broadband hotspot. The mobile WiFi, or MiFi, allows up to 5 wireless devices to attach up to it and share a 3G or HSDPA signal depending on the area where you use it.

The Vodafone model is made by the same company who make the Three MiFi, Huawei and works very similar to the Three model in that you switch it on, it connects to a 3G or HSDPA network and then allows up to five wireless devices to easily connect. Unlike the older mobile broadband modems that required you install software to connect up to the 3G services, the MiFi models have software built in that connects up for you and allow anybody to connect by entering the correct encryption key.

Battery life is rated about 4 hours between charges. This is very similar to what we were able to achieve using the Three MiFi a couple of months back. Full specifications of the Vodafone MiFi can be found over here.

Price wise, the Vodafone MiFi comes with various options such as 18 month contracts or 30 day plans. Full details of price plans can be found over on this page.

The cheapest you can get the Vodafone MiFi for is free on an 18 month contract paying £25/month. With this you get 5GB per month of transfer. Drop that down to £15/month you get 3GB, but you need to pay £49 for the modem. This is also an 18 month contract.

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