Vodafone iPhone Tariffs Revealed

Vodafone have announced details of the Apple iPhone that will be coming to their network in the UK shortly. The iPhone will be made available on January 14th 2010.

Three iPhones are being made available on the network which includes the iPhone 3G as well as two iPhone 3G S models (16GB and 32GB).

The iPhone 3G is available in black and will be available free on all plans £35/month and up (24 months) although if you pay £30/month you can get the phone for £59. Full details of pricing available here.

The iPhone 3G S models are both available in black or white with the 16GB model being made available free on plans £45/month and above. To get a 3G S at £30/month you’ll need to pay £149 up front for the phone. Full pricing available here.

The iPhone 3G S 32GB model will be free on the hefty priced £75/month plan for 24 months with the cheapest monthly plan costing £30/month but you’ll need to pay £239 up front. Full pricing available here.

Full details of the iPhone available here.

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