Vodafone iPhone 4 UK Price Official

Vodafone is the next network in to reveal the iPhone 4 UK price. Vodafone has slightly increased the prices on the phones from the leaks we found earlier this week although pricing still looks good.

To get an iPhone for free, you’ll need to choose the 16GB iPhone 4 and grab the highest price contract at £65/month for 18 months or £60/month on a 24 month contract.

On the lower monthly prices you’ll pay £30 (18 month) or £25 (24 month) with the 16GB iPhone 4 costing £129. What’s interesting to note is that the price of the iPhone 4 stays the same when comparing a 24 to an 18 month contract although the 24 month contracts are £5 cheaper per month for the same amount of minutes and texts.

All plans come with 1GB of data and most plans come with unlimited text messages. For those wanting to use tethering there is a charge of £5/month for 500MB of data with £10/month getting you 1.5MB of data.

Price wise it appears that Vodafone is the best option out there at the moment with the 1GB data limit vs 500MB on similar plans on the O2 network and 750MB on Orange (Orange claim unlimited although it is limited to 750MB).

We just need T-Mobile, Tesco and Three to come up with their prices now. It is strongly believed that Three will undercut the rest. T-Mobile on the other hand are probably not announcing prices till next week and wont even have the iPhone 4 till next month from what we understand while speaking to them.

The real battle will be between Tesco and Three I believe.

Full pricing to be found here. We’ll also get a comparison up shortly with the exact price of the contract over the 18 month or two year period.

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