Vodafone iPhone 4 UK Price – Could Match 3GS

Yesterday some leaked screen shots made their way around the internet from a Vodafone test site which showed the iPhone 4 tariffs in the UK. We now see that the phone could actually be more expensive if the 3GS prices are followed. If what we hear is correct then we have been told the pricing will match the 3GS pricing with the 1GB data limit also.

Yesterday the iPhone 4 UK price screen shots revealed that the Apple iPhone was going to be free on £65/month contracts (32GB model). The 3GS pricing sees this jump up to a free iPhone 4 on a £70/month 18 month contract.

Pricing on the lower end would stay the same though with the £30/month contract bringing in the phone at £280.

When calculating the cost of the iPhone 4 it’s important to do a bit of maths when choosing which type to get, ie PAYG, SIM Free or contract by figuring out how much you are paying per month over the 24 month period and how much the phone costs without the SIM (£499 16GB, £599 32GB). Some savings can be made if you are smart although for some the ability to have a contract to spread out the contract also works.

What are your thoughts on Vodafone’s pricing? It’s important to note here that these numbers “might” not be final until you can get to them from the front page of the site as right now they are buried deep within the site and could change and are 3GS prices. [Slashgear]


  1. Errrm unless I’m very much mistaken you are looking at current 3GS pricing?

  2. Your information is incorrect. This is the Vodafone tarif for a 3GS not a 4G

  3. Joihn Maciate says

    WRONG! this is 3GS pricing!

    Not Iphone 4!….(Yet)

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