Vodafone iPhone 4 UK Orders Starting at 7am Tomorrow

Vodafone has finally announced when the iPhone 4 in the UK is ready for order. Orders start tomorrow morning (June 24) at 7am where you can order online, in store or over the phone. It isn’t clear in the Vodafone message if you can actually get your hands on an iPhone 4 from Vodafone tomorrow (other than at the Apple store), but for those wanting to get one direct from Vodafone, 7am is the time you can start ordering.

It isn’t clear why Vodafone took so long to make this announcement right on the 11th hour so to speak, but alas, we now have the details.

The message below was sent to one of the FoneArena guys which explains the details of what’s happening tomorrow.


  1. I was told today by a Vodafone rep that tomorrow will be pre orders only, the handsets wont be available till next week 1st of July!!

  2. Ian Hirst says

    So – queued for an hour outside Farnham strore as requested by Vodafone the day previously only to be told they were only doing Iphones for NEW customers – just been informed by head office – with uncertain delivery times for existing loyal customers. Astonishing and what a way to p**s off your existing customers!!! Hardly going to build brand loyalty is it???

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