Vodafone iPhone 4 Now Available as PAYG

Vodafone in the UK is now offering the iPhone 4 on PAYG (pay as you go). The 32GB iPhone 4 costs £570 while the 16GB costs £480. When purchasing a PAYG iPhone 4 from Vodafone, the phone arrives locked on to the network which is why they are slightly cheaper than buying unlocked from Apple [AAPL] direct.

To try tempt you in to purchasing the iPhone 4 slightly cheaper, Vodafone is giving away a years worth of data which will see users who buy the PAYG iPhone 4 before November getting 250MB/month of free data along with 1GB of free WiFi.

Although this saving sounds very minor, Vodafone is hoping to convince users to switch quickly, as buying the iPhone 4 by November 2010 on this PAYG device will land you with 12 months of free data. This gives users 250MB a month of 3G data and 1GB a month of Wi-Fi from BT Openzone. Vodafone’s PAYG rates are 20p per minute for calls and 10p texts (although presumably you can still use their freedom packs).

You can pick up a pay as you go iPhone 4 or 3GS over at Vodafone now.

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