Vodafone Data Speed Increase

Vodafone is about to upgrade its mobile broadband service which will see download speeds jump from 1.4Mbps up to a possible 7.2Mbps over a HSDPA. To add to this download speed they are also making the upload speed to be an impressive 1.44Mbps which is very good in my opinion. The upgrade is for those paying 25 GBP per month and will initially be available in parts of London and some of the major airports.

Connectivity at this speed will only be found in 3G covered areas while the 2G network coverage will provide speeds at GPRS levels. Unfortunately 7.2Mbps will not always be met although it is a possibility. Speeds will normally fall in between 1.7Mbps to 5.5Mbps. Along with having high speeds Vodafone have a fairly good usage cap of 3GB per month which should be more then enough for most browsing.

Via: TechWorld

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