Vodafone Change/Reword UK Apple iPad Data Tariff – Unlimited is limited to 5GB

Update: The limit of 5GB has been returned to 5GB from unlimited… ie, no change except for the deceiving wording has been removed from the Apple site.

Earlier today the Apple iPad was made available for pre-order in the UK amongst other countries. For those pre-ordering an Apple iPad WiFi+3G model, information was presented for 3 of the UK mobile phone providers. Vodafone was listed where they offered two tariffs of 1GB/month for £10/month or 5GB for £25/month.

This information was later confirmed by way of a press release received about 4pm which read as follows…

Data Fee
1GB £10
5GB £25

On the Apple order pages we now see that Vodafone is now offering an “Unlimited” bundle for £25 and it appears they have scrapped the 5GB limit… until you read the the small print which indicates the word unlimited actually means there is still a limit of 5GB, or a fair use policy as they word it.

Either way, we thought we’d just point this little word changing out for you which essentially means that there is still a 5GB limit although if you go over that it is normal practice at Vodafone for them to contact you first to let you know to cut down on your browsing habits.

Details can be found at the Apple store.


  1. thecolor says

    These types of TNC are really annoying. It’s way to close to false advertising as it’s manipulative advertising. Marketers such as these are just hoping (likely taking advantage of) those that don’t read the TNC will buy the larger package thinking they’re getting a deal, when in fact they are being tricked into thinking it’s a better deal than it really is.

    I’d be much more likely to buy the 5GB service knowing upfront that’s how much I had to use, rather then thinking I’m getting something I’m not and that I’ll be punished if I go over. The idea of punishing the world as opposed to educating them is awful! 🙁

  2. It’s interesting that they have now changed it back to a 5GB limit. Perhaps it was a mistake on the side of Apple as the plans were listed there and not at Vodafone.

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