Vodafone Apple iPad microSIM Now Available

For those of you in the UK who are ordering an Apple iPad 3G model, Vodafone now have their microSIM cards available on the site to grab. The microSIM is free and is available on two tariffs.

When ordering the microSIM your card will be delivered right away although to use it you’ll need to wait till May 28 when the iPad is delivered, or have a US model imported.

The contract for Vodafone microSIM cards is just 1 month and this can be cancelled/activated at any time by calling them.

The two plans available give 1GB of data per month for £10 or 5GB of data per month for £25. There is no inbetween plan like O2 and Orange offer. Also note that Orange do offer a 10GB plan for £25/month, so if you have decent Orange coverage in your area then it might be worth signing up for an Orange deal instead.

One last thing to note is that those on the O2 network do have the option of activating their service on the iPad where as Orange and Vodafone users need to call to activate.

Vodafone microSIM available here.

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