Vodafone add new iPad microSIM Dataplan

Vodafone has added a new 3GB data plan for those wanting an Apple iPad microSIM. Previously the only options were 1GB for £10/month or 5GB for £25/month. The new offering is an in-between plan that brings 3GB of transfer for £15/month.

The £15/month 3GB plan is in-line with the other two providers, Orange and O2 who also offer the same 3GB £15/month plans.

The microSIM it’s self is free to get, but when choosing the card you need to specify what data plan you want. Also note that the card is a microSIM and not a SIM card, so unless you can build some sort of adapter, it won’t work in a regular phone as it is a lot smaller than a traditional SIM. Also note that you only get data on this plan as you wont be able to send text messages or make calls on the iPad anyway.

The Vodafone microSIM plans can be found here where full terms and conditions can be found. It’s interesting to note that the iPad data plans only carry a 1 month contract that allows you to cancel and activate at any time you want. ie, you are not locked in to 12, 18 or 24 months with the service.

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