Vizio Tablet and Phone at CES 2011

The Vizio Tablet and Phone was first spotted just a couple of days ago when an ad ran with each device in the background. Shortly after, official details arrived about the Tablet and Phone revealing that they would each run Android.

Now, some hands-on shots have been posted of the device as it is now on show over at CES 2011.

From what Engadget report, the Vizio Tablet looks good and handles well. The particular tablet looked at was handbuilt, but seems to be headed down the right road in terms of what will be offered when it officially arrives. One of the unique features of the Vizio Tablet is the three speaker setup. There’s two speakers on the top corners and one on the bottom corner. When rotating the dock in to landscape mode, the top left speak (portrait) switches off and the top right (landscape) switches on allowing you to still get stereo surround (SRS) sound.

While being tested the Vizio Tablet ran Android 2.2 or 2.3 (it wasn’t clear which of the two it was). The OS was still a little buggy although that can be expected in pre-release models as there’s still several months to go before the Tablet hits the stores. Price wise, the only thing said was that it was going to be very competitive.

The Vizio Phone was also looked at by Engadget, pictures and video here. The device also appeared to be running Android 2.2 or 2.3 although it wasn’t clear again. One unique thing for this phone is the inclusion of an IR blaster allowing it to be used to remote control your HDTV for example. Overall, another impressive device and well worth looking at when it launches. However, the launch date or pricing is also not known for the Vizio Phone.

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