Virtual Mirror – Try Clothes with out Changing

Virtual Mirror
The LCD TV market is getting huge now due to prices always dropping. This has allowed various technologies to be worked with such as virtual mirrors. These tend to be mirrors that hang on your wall, and also have a screen built in. When the screen it switched on the surface is no longer reflecting an image of you, but is showing a video.

Using this idea, a store in New York decided that clothes can be tried on by facing a mirror and displaying the clothes on screen. Where the clothes are not, you can see your reflection as though you are wearing the clothes. To add to this, a picture is then taken, emailed to friends and family and an opinion can be gained as to weather you buy the item of clothing or not.

Seems like an interesting idea and might help speed up things for those who get bored waiting for their wives to try on everything in a store.

Via: NewLaunches

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