Virgin Mobile Launch a £10 Phone

Virgin Mobile in the UK has just released a new mobile phone. The new device is the VM560 and is built by Alcatel One Touch. At £10 you get a very basic phone that is capable of calls, text messages as well as getting on to sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Buying the phone for £10 requires that you buy a £10 pay as you go SIM which has 300 text messages bundled in. If you want internet access it costs 50p per day for 50MB.

Other features include a 2 megapixel camera, micro SD card slot which is capable of taking up to 8GB cards, it plays MP3 and has a radio built in. For those not wanting to pay the 50p per day for data you’ll also find WiFi built in that will at least get you online within your home.

You can get the phone today from Virgin Mobile.


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