Virgin Media Public WiFi Could Launch Soon

Virgin Media is looking at options to roll out public WiFi across the UK to ease the burden placed on mobile phone networks. In recent years, perhaps since the launch of the iPhone, mobile phone networks have had to cope with far more data usage than ever before. With Twitter, Facebook and other popular websites being accessed on the go, the burden isn’t going to lower any time soon.

What Virgin Media plans to do is launch WiFi in those locations where data might not be at its best. The system will work by installing a wireless router in locations near the Virgin Media green boxes. These will allow users to connect right up to the cable network for broadband access at speeds up to 5MBps.

There could be three options in terms of paying for this service. For those Virgin Mobile and Home Broadband users with Virgin, it is expected to be a free service. For non clients, a Pay as You Go or subscription model will be made available. Also Virgin Media plans to talk with local councils as they could also take part of the payment.

If it rolls out, it would allow users to wirelessly connect in more locations and have high speed data access whilst on the go.

More details at The Telegraph.

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