Virgin Broadband 100Mb Available to 20 Million People

Virgin Media has announced that 20 million people in the UK now have access to 100Mb broadband services. The roll-out of the 100Mbps service began about a year ago.

The plan now is to cover half of the UK by the middle of 2012.

From today, homes in Harborne in Birmingham, Lincoln, Seven Kings in Greater London, and Solihull will also be able to sign up to ultrafast broadband speeds of 100Mb. Virgin Media remains on track to complete the expansion across its entire network – half of the UK – by the middle of 2012.

What makes this more interesting is that Virgin Media recently managed to achieve speeds of up to 1.5Gb and say that they are ready and waiting for when demand for more than 100Mbps is made. Obviously no release date for even faster broadband has been provided yet.

Jon James added: “Providing speeds of 100Mb to a third of the UK today, and to a further four million homes by the middle of next year, assures Virgin Media’s lead in the British broadband revolution. This is the sort of connectivity that can give families access to the best in digital entertainment and online services in an instant as well as provide the foundation for business growth and start-up Britain. We’ve successfully proven we can achieve speeds of 1.5Gb – some of the fastest broadband in the world – so we’re ready for when consumers want more in the future as we expect demand will continue to accelerate.”

To see a comparison of actual speeds achieved on the network, take a look at the announcement over here.

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