Vigilant Windows – Intrusion Detection

vigilant_windowsI came across this interesting home security system that’s still in development today. Vigilant Windows are windows which detect the “potential” risk of someone breaking in to your home or office.

The Windows work by being coated in a special nano-particle material. UV light from the outside is detected on the window and the energy is channelled to sensors on the edges of the window. When an object walks past the window the UV light is interrupted and the sensors pick up this data. The size of the object can be calculated by working out which parts of the window are slightly darker as well as the direction the object is travelling can also be detected. If a threat is detected then an alarm can be raised.

The cool thing is that the system could be installed without replacing your glass due to it being (hopefully) made in a spray on form where you just attach the sensors to the edge. More details to be released as and when available.

Details Via: OhGizmo

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