ViewSonic G Tablet Pulled by Staples

The ViewSonic G Tablet has been pulled from Staples stores due to some manufacturing problems.

The G Tablet isn’t the first tablet to have this problems. The first one was the Toshiba Folio 100 that was pulled from shelves in the UK due to quality control issues. The G Tablet is just the next in line of what we assume will be more over the coming year.

The ViewSonic G Tablet hasn’t been out too long, so it’s a shame to see it already end its life at Staples, at least for now that is.

More details, including a few images showing the staples documents explaining the problem can be found over at Crunch Gear.


  1. I’ve had the g tablet for a couple of weeks now and I haven’t seen any major issues. Still waiting on the flash update. The tapntap overlay is laggy at times but usable. I installed the update right out of the box. Without that update the device has major issues.

    • I just bought a g tablet 2 days ago. I not able to apply any updates because of connectivity issues & I am unable to get in contact with the support people. Any suggestions?

  2. The major problem with the g tablet is the custom overly viewsonic put on top of android. After I flashed that crap away, it is a brilliant tablet!

    • Agreed. Not a fan of custom UI’s on Android.

      ViewSonic has announced there is no flaw in the hardware and that an update is coming out on Friday to fix a few bugs. Looks like you wont need that if you’ve put a custom ROM on it 🙂

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