ViewSonic G Tablet Has No Manufacturing Defect

Yesterday, Staples announced that they were stopping selling the ViewSonic G Tablet due to what they called a “manufacturing defect”. A number of blogs, including ours, spread the news around.

This seems to have caught the attention of ViewSonic who have now issued a press release which doesn’t say there is a hardware defect, but instead simply says that an update is being pushed out over WiFi that will fix a few problems that customers have been seeing.

“We always listen to customers; while they love the hardware, they raised several issues about the user interface,” Jeff Volpe, VP and GM for ViewSonic Americas. “As a result, our software partner is releasing an upgrade that will address customer concerns. Along with great performance improvements, customers will have the flexibility to use both a standard Android interface as well as a user-customizable interface which has been significantly enhanced since the product launch.” Volpe went on to say, “ViewSonic is committed to its tablet endeavors and will continue with new announcements at CES in January.”

Expect the update to arrive by Friday. When the G Tablet prompts you, just accept it.

Flash is also mentioned and ViewSonic commented that it will arrive hopefully by the end of January.

Via: Engadget


  1. I don’t suppose the update is going to fix the awful video/camera capabilities, is it?

  2. Frank calica says

    What is the correct flashplayer to download for Android 2.2?

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