Vie GPS Enabled Glove

This rather strange looking device is named the Vie (pronounced Vee) and was designed by Mr. Du Tran Nguyen. Although it would look weird on anyone’s hand, it does have a few cool features built in. The screen is E-Ink and you control the device by moving your fingers up and down. Small motors built in to the glove provide feed back to let you know when you have “clicked” a button.

The Vie is used as a personal guide and trainer and allows you to plan several routes with it’s built in GPS and mapping technology. If you find danger on one route you can make a movement with your finger and find a safer alternative. If you find your self in trouble then an SOS message can be sent.

The glove monitors your body too and lets you know through vibrations if you need to ease off a little or speed up. Bluetooth allows you to connect with other glove users to share details with them.

Although a bizarre idea, it could have some potential if they could make it look a tad better.

Via: Gizmowatch

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