Video to Appear in Magazines Next Month

Entertainment-MagOn September 18th a magazine in the US will show the first video advertisement by using a small slim mobile phone sized screen embedded in to a page of the magazine. The video ads will show up in the Entertainment Weekly magazine and show a run of Pepsi commercials to users reading.

The video ads are activated when the page is turned and the screens have a chip capable of storing up to 40 minutes of video with 70 minutes of battery life. Batteries in the screens are rechargeable.

It has been described as being similar to the moving video seen in the Daily Prophet from Harry Potter movies and is an interesting move considering the cost of the screens vs price of the magazine. No doubt Pepsi will be paying an arm and a leg to get the first opportunity ever of showing in-mag video.

Each screen is 2.7mm thick and is LCD. They have a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and can be charged by a mini-USB cable.

It’s certainly an interesting move and will certainly get Pepsi noticed by those reading the magazine.

Via: BBC EW and Americhip Image via: Adage

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