Verizon Wireless Roadmap Leaked for 2010/2011

BGR managed to get it’s hands on a roadmap for Verizon [VZ] that shows new device launches for this year and in to next year. As well as going in to 2011, the roadmap also makes mention of a few 2012 plans for the company.

New items include Android 3.0 tablets, LTE MiFi units as well as video conferencing to name a few things.

Before heading over to BGR, a few of the more interesting items I could find include a new Motorola Droid called the Motorola DROID Pro. This device will run a faster 1.3GHz CPU and have a 4 inch screen along with global roaming capabilities.

Samsung is believed to be working on an Android 3.0 based tablet that will have a 7 inch screen and a front facing camera. Motorola is also working on a tablet that will also run Android 3.0 and have either a 1GHz or a 1.3GHz CPU. The screen on the Motorola device will be around 10 inches. It is expected that the Motorola Tablet will launch possibly February next year although the majority of the wait will be related to the release of Android 3.0 by Google [GOOG].

Other details found by BGR include 75% LTE coverage by April 2012.

There is no mention of a Verizon iPhone 4 although there’s certainly plenty of stuff that Verizon is launching over the next couple of years. We also suspect that this list is only a fraction of what will arrive.

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