Verizon to Launch V CAST Apps to Compete with Android Market?

Verizon [VZ] is launching V CAST Apps. This service is an app store that will be similar in some ways to any other app store such as the Android Market. V CAST Apps is for Android 2.2 OS based smartphones.

The Android Market is a fairly open platform that allows a lot of apps to be published by developers. Unfortunately, there is a lot of junk in there. Verizon want to clean up this junk and has created V CAST Apps which allows developers to submit apps for free. If the apps adhere to the guidelines then they are published in the new app store.

It is expected that V CAST Apps will launch in the next week or so at the Verizon developers conference.

We mentioned that only Android 2.2 devices would be compatible. On the Verizon network this includes the Incredible, Droid 1, Droid 2 and Droid X. It isn’t clear if Android 2.2 will be the only operating system that can access the store (until an update arrives obviously), or if older versions such as 2.1 will be allowed access. This we assume, will be clarified next week.

Although this might seem like fragmentation (which Google want to avoid), it also seems like a good thing to have a section of good quality apps. We think that this might do well. Some of the details of the app store process are detailed below…

* It’s Free – No Testing Fees
* It’s Fast – Our Goal is to place your application in the App Store within 14 days of Submission
* Abbreviated Click-Thru Agreement
* Carrier Billing – Your applications are billed directly to the Customer’s Bill; No credit cards, PayPal, etc.
* 70/30 Revenue Share – 70% Developer / 30% Verizon
* Hands-on, Experienced Content Programming Team – Get the visibility you deserve, not just a quality-crushing algorithm!
* Content Programming and Store continuity across multiple platforms (BlackBerry & Android)
* Integration with Network API’s! Messaging & aGPS
* Detailed submission guides online and forums monitored by our support staff
* Subscription Billing – Coming Soon!

What are your thoughts? Should Verizon move in to the app store game? or just leave it to Google to sort out with the Marketplace?

Via: Android and Me and Gaj-it

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