Verizon iPhone Not Announced at WWDC

One of the rumours that was going around for the last few months was that of the Verizon iPhone being announced. Unfortunately it seems like the AT&T [T] ball and chain is still in place making the iPhone 4 and previous iPhones exclusive to AT&T for the time being.

Earlier rumours indicated that millions of Verizon iPhone devices were being made with the exclusivity between Apple [AAPL] and AT&T possibly ending early. For now this is clearly not the case and we might be left waiting till 2012 (when the contract ends) before we see other networks get the iPhone.

Lets hope that the details Steve Jobs revealed at D8 last week indicating some big network enhancements at AT&T will actually happen and keep AT&T iPhone customers happy.

We’ll keep an eye on the Verizon iPhone news though as rumours do keep circulating about this and never seem to die away. It’s certainly something that customers want, but when contracts are involved it can’t always happen as people want.

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