Verizon iPhone Could Be Announced January 11

Verizon [VZ] is holding a press event tomorrow where it is believed that the Verizon iPhone will finally be announced.

Rumors about an iPhone on Verizon have been around for a couple of years now, but have accelerated over the last 6 to 12 months with many people hinting that the AT&T exclusivity will be coming to an end.

It isn’t clear at the moment if the iPhone on Verizon will be almost exactly the same as the regular iPhone 4, other than internals to make it CDMA compatible of course, or if Apple have made a slight revision on the antenna that caused a few people problems when the iPhone 4 first launched.

We should find out more tomorrow about what’s happening and which iPhone version is launching. Before running to purchase one though, you need to keep in mind that if Verizon does announce the iPhone, there could be a newer iPhone out in a few months time when Apple launches the iPhone 5.

Via: GG

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