Verizon iPhone 4 Release Date Officially Announced

After many months of speculation, Verizon has now announced the Verizon iPhone 4. The launch of the iPhone on Verizon marks the end of the almost 4 year exclusivity agreement that Apple had with AT&T.

As for the release date, expect it as early as February.

The iPhone going to the Verizon network has been in testing for about a year now and is capable of connecting to the CDMA network. All the features are practically the same such as FaceTime availability, the Retina Display as well as the insides. The only main difference is the way it connects up, ie its CDMA technology inside.

So that Verizon can handle the network load the smartphone will bring to it, they have increased network capacity.

A few questions have been asked such as why they don’t use LTE technology. Using LTE chips required small design changes to the phone which Apple didn’t want to make. Using LTE would make the roll out longer, so CDMA was opted for on this version of the iPhone.

Expect to hear the exact release date and pricing revealed in the next few days, perhaps weeks.

Via: Engadget

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