Verizon iPhone 4 Available at Apple

Apple is now selling the Verizon iPhone 4. When loading up the Apple website, the AT&T and Verizon iPhones are now listed with exactly the same price for each model. The only difference (other than the technical difference of CDMA) is that it takes about 9 days to ship the Verizon model as opposed to the AT&T model which ships within 24 hours. This of course, is due to the phone being launched tomorrow.

Although the official release date is tomorrow, the Verizon iPhone 4 sold out of all pre-orders within 24 hours when it first went on the Apple and Verizon websites. For this reason, it appears that there is a lack of stock now which is contributing to several days delay in shipping.

It does appear that Apple is better prepared this time around though as when the iPhone 4 originally came out about 8 months ago, the delays for pre-orders were up to 3 weeks in some cases and those delays went on for a good few months.

The full pricing details of the iPhone can be found on the order pages on the Apple site. Just note that you’ll need to choose data, voice and text plans to make full use of the iPhone 4.

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