Verizon iPhone 4 to Add Just 14% Sales

AppleInsider has posted an interesting report created by Piper Jaffray…

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster expects Apple to sell just 2.5 million additional iPhones in the US by adding Verizon as a carrier early next year, bringing 2011’s US iPhone sales to 20 million, with Verizon’s sales largely coming at the expense of AT&T.

With Verizon [VZ] eating in to AT&T [T] sales, it gives an overall increase in sales of just 14%. This is of course, based on estimations and a bit of speculation. What the report takes in to account is the Verizon iPhone 4 being sold early in 2011, perhaps no later than early 2nd quarter at the latest.

The report is classed as being conservative in its estimations. Other analysts are not so generous and predict that the sales could be lower than that.

The full report is over at Apple Insider.

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