Verizon Galaxy Nexus Release Date Could be Friday

An authorised Verizon retailer has indicated that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus release date will be Friday December 9. According to an email with a PDF attached, authorised Verizon retailers will be getting the Galaxy Nexus shipped today ready to be put on sale this coming Friday.

If the mentioned date is correct then this will officially bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the US. The Galaxy Nexus is the first smartphone to utilise the operating system although a number of other older Android devices (and new ones) will also be getting updates over the coming months depending on manufacturers and how quick carriers can make the necessary changes.

Price wise, the Galaxy Nexus will be $299.99 which will require you sign a two-year contract.

The device is almost identical to the Galaxy Nexus that is now on sale in the UK. The main difference is that the UK version uses 3G while the Verizon version will be compatible on LTE networks (4G).


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