Verizon “Excited” for Windows Phone 7 Launch

Verizon [VZ] has yet to get any Windows Phone 7 handsets to put on sale. One Twitter user decided to ask when they (Verizon), were getting Windows Phone 7 devices. A reply came back from the VerizonWireless twitter account saying “As soon as Microsoft has ’em ready, we’re excited to offer Windows 7 mobile devices”.

Originally it was thought that Verizon had no interest in Windows Phone 7 as a platform although now it seems that have softened up to the idea and actually want to sell smartphones running that operating system.

The tweet didn’t make mention of of when we will see them, but we get the impression that it could be sooner rather than later now that Verizon is on-board with the whole thing.

Microsoft is believed at this point to be working on getting the CDMA versions of the OS ready.

Via: WPCentral

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