Verizon Compatible iPhone Might Exist – Just Waiting for Deals to be Signed

We hear rumours all the time about Verizon [VZ] getting the iPhone 4 or any other model for that matter. Some people comment that the iPhone for Verizon hasn’t been built yet although John Gruber has a different approach.

He strongly believes that a CDMA ready iPhone 4 is actually ready and that the hardware has been developed and just need to go in to mass production. The main hold up he believes, is the contract between the companies. Gruber says that he wouldn’t be surprised if an iPhone hit Verizon a year ago or in 3 years time. It’s just negotiations and getting the right timing and deals.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really tell us to much and we are still left wondering if Verizon will actually get an iPhone sooner rather than later. It’s interesting to hear that the hardware is probably ready though.

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