Verified Accounts and Pseudonyms Launched by Facebook

Facebook has launched a new service that allows prominent people to verify their accounts. The service is similar to what Twitter uses where famous users can sign up and be verified so that other fake accounts can easily be spotted. However, on the Facebook side of this they have decided against using a badge to denote if the account is Verified.

The service will allow selected users (you cannot volunteer or sign up to it), to scan some ID for verification and once done, you can then change the name on your account. An example being used is Lady Gaga who is called Stefani Germanotta. When searching, you can search for Lady Gaga, but then be linked up to the real profile. In the about page, it will still show the official details of that user.

Verified accounts will also get more prominent placement when searches are done.

It isn’t clear why Facebook isn’t doing the verified thing to let users know who the real people are and help guide them to the real people.

Expect a notification soon when logging in to Facebook if they think you are prominent enough 🙂


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