Vending Machine Security Guard

Vending Machine Security Guard
One way of defeating crime is to dress up like a vending machine and hide amongst other machines. That’s at least what the creator of this vending machine dress thinks. It works by using camouflage and deception allowing for a quick take down of the thief. So far 20 of these vending machine skirts have been sold for $800 each according to the NYT. I am not sure if this is just an early April fools joke 😉

Via: japanator


  1. I WANT ONE OF THEEESEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what a clever but crap invention!!

  2. Not bad hehe
    If i was a theif or vandal…i doubt i’ll be looking for a vendor covered cop.
    If it was more rigid it would be a great practical joke on your mates hehe. Just stand there, a guy or girl comes along, places their money and then just jump on them or shout really loud at them haha

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