Vavolo PCPAL Wireless Mouse

Vavolo Wireless Mouse
Technology is shrinking again and it makes you wonder on this one if it is actually a good idea. The Vavolo PCPAL wireless mouse is small enough to fit in to a PCMCIA slot. This is great for travelers to cut down on the space needed to carry something around. It just makes you wonder how functional a mouse that size can be. If you are from Vavolo then feel free to drop a sample 😉

As well as being a small mouse that fits in to the PCMCIA slot, it also has a wireless adapter, is a laser pointer and TV remote control. Apparantly a keyboard is in there somewhere but we are not 100% sure where this is yet. It will be interesting to see though.

Overall this device actually seems quite good. It would be interesting to get hold of one of these to just see how small it actually is, and how functional it is too. For $39.99 you seem to be getting a good deal on this item!

Via: Vavolo and found at OhGizmo

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