Use your Laptop as a Tablet PC

Tablet PC Conversion
If you dont have the money to buy a tablet PC but want to be able to use those features then this laptop to tablet PC conversion kit might be for you. The device works by attaching it to your laptop screen and then it senses pen movement on the surface of the screen up to a screen size of 14.3 inches. Software is included which allows you to use natural ink input so that emails can be hand written and other applications can be used. I am not fully convinced with this as a tablet PC though as the tablet PCs feature a twist and flip screen which hides the keyboard behind the screen allowing you to hold it in your arm. The only way to do this with a regular laptop would be to keep the screen and keyboard opened as normal. But, I do admit that it does have its uses for those wanting pen based input on their laptop.

The pen included has both left and right mouse buttons and also the tip of the pen can be used. Currently the system is only compatible with Windows, but I expect that if this takes off then other OS versions would be made available.

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