Use the Force to Shut your Curtains

wii_remote_shuts_curtainsNot exactly the force as the post title may suggest. Rather, a Wii remote from the Nintendo Wii. I have seen a number of wii remote hacks over the last year or so, but this latest has to be the most handy of them all. The Wii remote has now been hacked and hooked up to some motorized curtains. If you want the curtains to shut, you rotate the controller left, and to close them, you rotate it right. It’s a very simple concept and truly made for the lazy in life.

The curtain control system is built by Goelst and is a G-Rail 6200. This is “normally” controlled with infrared or wall switches. Another interface compatible is the CAN bus and by connecting this up to your PC as well as your wiimote, you have the perfect lazy mans way of shutting your curtains.

Via: HackedGadgets


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