USB to SATA IDE Combo Kit

bdbf_usb_to_sata_idea_combo_kit_desktopWhen upgrading a hard drive on your PC you often leave files behind. I have several sat somewhere and just can’t be bothered opening up my PC to connect them up temporarily.

This is where the USB to SATA/IDE combo kit comes in to play. It allows you to dock almost any drive to it and connect it to your PC via USB so that files can be quickly transferred.

The kit includes the connector, power cable and USB cable and it’s compatible with 3.5″ IDE, 2.5″ IDE, 1.8″ IDE as well as SATA drives. Optical drives can also be connected too which includes Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, writeable and rewriteable drives.

USB to SATA Features

* Connect USB 2.0 ports to any IDE or SATA drive:
o 3.5″ IDE
o 2.5″ laptop IDE
o 1.8″ micro IDE
o 3.5″ SATA
o 2.5″ SATA
o Optical drive that supports standard IDE or SATA connectors*
* AC Input: 100-240v/50-60hz
* DC output: 5v/12v
* Supports Windows (98se and up) or Mac OS (8.6 and up)
* Includes power supply, molex y-splitter, USB cable and drive dock

* Some “slim-line” optical drives use a modified SATA connector that won’t fit. Your mileage may vary.

Available at ThinkGeek for $24.99.


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