USB Port Cleaner from Brando

Brando come up with some odd gadgets and this next one joins that category.

The USB Port Cleaner has been designed to clean your USB ports on your laptop, PC, Mac and any other gadget with a regular sized port. The reasons for creating this are for the “need to clean them up occasionally in order for them to continuously conduct electricity efficiently and keep data flowing at the satisfactory speeds.”

The small USB sized gadget simply slots in a USB port and cleans the copper pins that are found in there.

The copper used for electrical contacts in the USB ports of your computer is subject to oxidization. Especially for those who always use their laptops at places near the sea, the problem will occur faster. But of course, no matter where your laptop is used, the problem will still occur. Over time, it’ll cause a film developed over the copper that provides insulating barrier, preventing good electrical contact between the USB port and the connector of the USB device.

I personally have never had an issue with a dirty USB port, but if there is a gadget for just that I assume that some people do. The USB Port Cleaner is available from Brando and costs $17.

Via: TechChee and GeekWithaLaptop

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