USB Notebook Alarm from Thanko

When we see the name Thanko USB we often wonder what the next USB delight will be that that bring. The company are well known for their crazy gadgets.

The next Thanko USB gadget we came across is the Thanko USB Alarm designed for laptops and notebooks. The idea behind it is that you plug the gadget in to your laptop/notebook and when away from your desk it protects your laptop from being swiped.

To achieve this an alarm will sound as soon as it’s removed from the USB port which is said to be ear piercing.

The device has a battery inside to keep it powered. Available now from Thanko. Lets just hope the thief doesn’t spot the on/off switch on the side of the alarm! From what we can figure out in the translation, the alarm will set you back about 17 USD.

Via: Akihabaranews

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