USB Networking Server – The M4

winstar-m4-usb-networking-serveThe M4 is a usb networking server that allows you to connect up to 4 USB devices and share them with PC’s connected to the same network.

The USB server is a small device which has 4 USB ports built in and an Ethernet port. What you simply do is connect the networking server up to a switch or in to the back of your wireless router on an available port and then anything connected via USB is then shared among any other computers on the local network.

The M4 is a very handy device for those who do not have a network printer as you can use any printer thats USB and any computer is then capable of printing to it. Other uses could be a USB storage drive that is shared among users. The M4 is USB 2.0 compatible and allows pretty much anything to be connected.

When connecting Winstars WS-NSU68M4 to a wireless router, users can access their multimedia content and USB devices wirelessly. The UPnP technology enables quick and easy setup and configuration in a Windows Vista environment. It is a one-stop-shop for multi-functional network peripheral sharing and the number of applications is practically endless.

Product Details Via: RedFerret

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