USB Multi Charger for Cars

usb-car-chargerThis new car charger allows you to charge more gadgets in your car then before. It features 2 USB ports and also splits the regular lighter socket in to 2 more sockets at 12 volts. With this device you have the ability to charge up to 4 gadgets at once.

Things you might want to charge at the same time are a couple of mobile phones and a Sat Nav for example.

The splitter has a joint on the arm which allows it to be positioned for the ideal spot that works with your car. A replaceable fuse is also included which should blow before your car’s if there are any signs of problems with overloading things.

Available on the Santok website.


  1. Go Doodads says

    This is perfect for long travel. I just wonder what kind of sockets are those 2 holes??

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