USB Fingerprint Reader with 8GB Flash Storage

If security is high up on your list of essentials for your laptop or computer then this little USB fingerprint reader device could be one option for you. The USB Fingerprint Lock FLash Disk is capable of encrypting files stored on it as well as your whole computer with a swype of a finger.

Worried about prying eyes and nosy neighbors? Want to encrypt your files and render your whole computer inaccessible to unauthorized users? Wish you could carry your passwords on the tips of your fingers? This USB fingerprint security flash drive can meet all your data security needs. Using just your fingerprints and this handy USB Fingerprint Lock Flash Disk, your important files and computer itself will virtually be inaccessible to anyone other than yourself.

When enabled you can insert the USB drive in to your computer which will not allow access till the correct fingerprint activates it. Files on your computer are kept encrypted. Different users can also be configured so that others have access to your computer or laptop if needed.

USB Fingerprint Reader Features

* Fingerprint security lock storage disk
* 8GB USB flash drive
* Easy and simple setup lets you start encrypting files instantly
* No special software necessary
* Can also be used to secure your computer itself

Available from Chinavasion starting at £31.84 each with prices dropping as you buy more.

Via: Redferret

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