USB Credit Card Flash Drive

Credit Card Flash Drive
USB drives are very popular devices which allow you to store large amounts of documents, image, video and other files. As devices shrink down in size they tend to have more ability to get lost. The USB credit card flash drive aims to tackle that as it can be stored in your wallet along with other credit cards which you have a habit of keeping hold of.

When you purchase this drive you have the choice of pre loading it with security software designed to work with the Windows Vista operating system. The cards can transfer files at 480Mbps and sizes from 128Mb to 2Gb are available. If you choose to get the software then 160Mb of space on the flash drive is used but can be deleted once copied to your PC.

The credit card flash drive is Windows Vista ReadyBoost ready and the cards are available from $69.99 upwards depending on what capacity you choose.

For another option of credit card sized flash drives you can take a look at Walletex who have a drive weighing 12g and is 1.9mm thick. This drive will set you back $69.90.

Via: Gizmag

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