USB Battery Recharger Review

USB-Battery-Recharger-ChargingWe recently received a USB Battery Charger to take a look at. This version is different to the USB Cell that we wrote about a few years back in that it’s a charging unit that you put batteries in rather then the batteries themselves housing a USB connector.

The USB charger only takes 1 type of battery that is a 1500mAh capacity 1.2V NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride). 2 of these batteries come supplied with the unit and when using the charger, both batteries must be inserted in the charging unit.

The charging unit is compact measuring about an inch longer then a regular AA battery making it very easy to carry around in a laptop bag for example. A full charge can be achieved in about 4 – 6 hours. An LED indicator is included on the USB charging unit. When lit solid it shows the batteries are charged. When flashing it shows the batteries are being charged and when off, it shows the batteries need connecting to a USB port for power.

Overall, a fairly simple and basic battery charger that clearly does it’s job as a battery charger. For battery performance, they are about what you would expect for NiMH 1500mAh batteries. Thanks to Useful Things for shipping them over for review and the charging unit will be given away in an upcoming gadgetvenue competition, so keep your eyes pealed. If you want to pick one up now then they are available at the above URL for $19.95.




  1. Gadget Sleuth says

    Not a bad idea…and if it works, that price isn’t terrible either.

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